Aged Care GP’s owners have a proven track record in recruiting high calibre GPs who excel in the environment that Aged Care GP has created. As a doctor working with us, you can be assured that we will always work with our mutual interests in mind.

First and foremost and the non-­negotiable principle is that we all work as hard as we can to provide the best possible medical care to the patients we serve. This is our overarching principle that must not be forgotten because the rewards will always follow! Secondly, whilst bearing in mind our ethical boundaries and duty of care, we should unashamedly aim to earn the maximum amount we are able to.

The systems and the efficient processes of Aged Care GP ensure that much of this will be taken care of for the GPs who work for us.We are here to support your journey both professionally and personally. Help is only a phone call or email away! Just ask the GPs who’ve been with us so far.

So, email your CV with a short introduction NOW to: and we will be in touch soon.



Our mission is to provide high quality, reliable and consistent medical services to residents and staff of aged care facilities in Melbourne.  We want to ensure that residents have access to comprehensive and timely care.  Our service is provided at no out of pocket cost as our doctors bulk bill all services. 
The service operates during business hours with the support of Out of Hours Services for after hours consultations.  We are in talks with a few such providers to provide preferential support to the facilities that we visit. 


Our intention is not to compete with existing GPs offering services, but to look after those residents without a regular GP and help relieve the burden on those GPs who struggle to balance everyday General Practice with the demands of visiting residential aged care facilities. 

One of our team of GPs will visit regularly to consult with patients and staff. 
In addition to regular patients we care for, we may be able to promptly attend to any resident or staff member if their usual GP is unable/not available to see them; if the need arises.  We only ask that any such patients or staff are registered on our system beforehand. The patient would then continue to see their regular doctor for follow up. 
Our vision is to ensure that residents and staff of aged care facilities receive equitable access to high quality healthcare.  

We recruit high calibre GPs who have experience in working in Aged Care facilities. We have good working relationships with specialists, pathology and radiology services, so organising diagnostic tests is simple for us and for you.