A better quality of life and experience

We contribute to communities by helping everyone we touch to experience life in a better way – our patients, doctors, support teams and the aged care facilities we partner with.

We believe aged care providers get a raw deal; they don’t get the time, attention and regular visits they deserve and need.

We believe GPs working in aged care are unsupported and isolated.  We know most aged care facilities aren’t enjoying the best advantages of working in partnership with GPs to improve services for their residents.

We believe in constantly improving what we do and how we do it through a virtuous cycle of care.

Our values

We play
Have fun as a team. Be imaginative. Be quirky and inspire. Take controlled risks. We have each other’s back.

We’re good company
We hear and understand the needs of others. We share our own needs. We do what is ethical and fair.

We do the right things
We look at the data and work to establish the facts. We aim for consensus. We keep our promises.

We take responsibility
We won’t always get it right but take ownership for it. We are part of the solution, not the problem.

We wear our heart on our sleeve
We are open. We care. We are honest and genuine. We are willing to ask and answer any question.