Our Story



Our humble beginnings were in the minds of our founders, Drs Saty Bhat & Sachin Patel in October 2014.  

We quickly recruited Trish Mathew, our Chief of Operations and Liz Quadling, our first practice nurse.  Dr Kaval Patel was our first doctor.  

It was these 3 musketeers who started our next steps on this great journey in March 2015.  They shared the founders' passion to bring better care and satisfaction to aged care facilities, their residents and the GPs caring for them.  

Through all manner of challenges and unknowns, Liz, Trish and Kaval rose to the occasion and used their determination to make sure we kept our promise to change the way General Practice was delivered to residents of aged care.  We certainly learnt lots in that time as we made mistakes.  

Fast-forward 4 years and lots has changed.  Our team is now 40 members strong and growing fast.  We are now well-positioned to become the leading organisation in Australia to understand and fulfil the needs of aged care facilities, their residents and the GPs who care for them.  

Behind all this, however, our basic values will always remain the same: We are here to serve and help make life easier and better for facilities, residents and GPs.