What areas do you cover?

We are available throughout Melbourne!


When do you visit our facility?

We work with you to arrange a schedule to suit your facility.  This is usually planned with your Facility Manager and Clinical Care Coordinator.


How often will you visit?

We will visit based upon necessity - and will visit at least once a week.

We can visit more frequently if required - this is something we discuss when planning the service for your Facility.


Can we contact the doctor directly?

We prefer that the Facility or Aged Care GP are contacted first.  Concerned relatives should contact the Facility first.


Do you do advance care plans?



Will the patient be seen by the same Doctor?

2 - 3 Doctors are introduced to the Facility and are scheduled to attend on different days.  

Continuity of doctor is an essential part of what we offer.  However, there may be times when a resident needs to be seen when the another GP is at the Facility.  

We work as a team and our doctors all work from the same database, so the usual doctor will be aware of any changes.


Do we Bulk Bill?

Yes - for residents with a Medicare card


What hours do we work?

Our normal hours are from 9am - 5pm.  Many of our doctors start earlier or finish later, depending upon their workflow on the day.


Will a Nurse be with the doctor every time?

Nurses will attend with doctors when required.


Are we a Locum Service?

No - We are not a Locum Service


Do you have a Locum Service?

Yes, the locum service we use is National Home Doctor Service when we are unavailable out of hours and at weekends.