Dr Imran Marzook General Practitioner BSc(med) MBBS MPH FRACGP

Dr Imran Marzook
General Practitioner

After spending his first few years as an advanced trainee in radiation oncology, Dr Marzook decided to leave the hospital system and focus on primary care in the community. He has always felt very strongly about asylum seekers and refugees receiving the medical care they need and his initial role as a GP was located in remote Western Australia providing care to this vulnerable patient group. During this time he also completed a Master’s degree in public health in Townsville.

After leaving remote Western Australia and taking up a role in rural NSW, he began working at local nursing homes focusing on older patients with complex multi-morbidities. Incorporating quality of life within his medical approach resulted in a significant difference to the health and wellbeing of these older patients, and he soon realised that his passion lay in aged care and dedicating his medical career to providing expert medical care to older patients.

Dr Marzook believes his dedication to older patients was a perfect fit for the Aged Care GP model of care and since joining the team in 2017 he can see the positive differences they’re making to residential aged care facilities, residents and their families. Being able to dedicate full days to facilities allows him to spend considerable time with his patients, gain an in-depth understanding of their often complex medical conditions, and focus on both their physical and emotional wellbeing.

When Dr Marzook is not working he enjoys hitting the dance floor to Latin music as well as African and Sri Lankan drumming.

Dr Marzook is moderately proficient in Tamil, Singhalese, Hindi and Urdu and has basic proficiency in Arabic, Persian and Spanish.