Benefits of Digital Health to the Aged Population

Providing care and support to the aged population has been revolutionised by technology. These days there are wearable gadgets that older Australians can use for fitness or for monitoring their vitals. There are even personal robots that can keep them company. However, what’s most impressive and necessary, is the development of a digital health record system that connects key healthcare providers for better services.

In Australia, there is the My Health Record system that features various tools designed to help healthcare providers deliver safer and better quality healthcare. With relative ease, hospitals, healthcare professionals, and aged care facilities will have the information they need about a patient. Each patient’s digital health record contains their health summary, clinical documents, discharge summary, prescription records, and some results.

Amaroo Aged Care in the town of Berrigan, is one of the aged care facilities reaping the benefits of this digital health system. Through the joint effort of the town’s healthcare providers and the Murrumbidgee Primary Health Network, general practice and facilities like Amaroo now have improved healthcare through stronger connectivity.

Management, staff and residents of any aged care facility implementing this system have lots to benefit from. Among the biggest benefits for healthcare professionals using the digital healthcare system is having more timely and effective access to key information. It also empowers the staff and other healthcare providers to increase patient engagement.

Residents using the system can personalise their healthcare plan and have more control over their choice of care. They can add advanced care directives to their records, choose a consultant, and potentially even schedule an appointment.

Implementing the digital healthcare system may pose several challenges, including technical errors or concerns, privacy issues, and poor resident and staff engagement. However, these can be dealt with and resolved. The key is for all the healthcare professionals and facilities to have a strong commitment and relationship to provide better services to patients or residents.

Seniors are the fastest-growing population group in Australia, and providing them with the best care and support they need is of great importance. One effective way of achieving this is by taking advantage of the latest digital technology. My Health Record is a significant step in the right direction.