Improving aged care through the innovAGEING network

Innovation in these modern times is something that should be embraced. Being synonymous with progress, it is especially favourable for Australia’s rapidly-growing aged care sector. Change and transformation is necessary so that the elderly can receive the services, products, and models that will meet their individual needs.

In order to manage and carry out innovation, it is important for the aged care sector to get different types of support from the government and industry organisations and facilities. Thanks to aged care industry peak body Leading Age Services Australia (LASA), a breakthrough innovation network for age services was established, and it’s getting considerable financial support from the Australian government.

What is innovAGEING?
LASA’s innoveAGEING innovation network aims to ensure that the aged care industry is progressive and consumer-focused and will deliver real outcomes. It supports the industry by helping boost innovation and encouraging collaboration among forward-thinking practitioners (agencies, researchers, and other care and support providers) in the industry. It will be instrumental in introducing and leveraging fresh ideas, strategies, tools, and technology that can provide better services and benefits for older Australians.

InnoveAGEING was officially launched recently at the Kangara Waters community and aged care centre in Canberra. This is also the site where the IRT Group Driverless car called Pod Zero – a recent aged care innovation – was trialled.

Other innoveAGEING Initiatives
Aside from building a national network, innoveAGEING has other initiatives that will further enhance its collaborative and national support for the aged care industry. It will also give out national awards for promoting and recognising innovation, hold Aged Care Open Innovations Lab workshops and events featuring innovation speakers, create an innovation program for building aged care service businesses, and launch an online network that links participants with experts.

Government Support
Seeing the importance of innovation and technology in the aged care industry, the government, through Minister of Aged Care Ken Wyatt, has pledged $400,000 to innovAGEING over the next two years. Minister Wyatt believes that through this innovation network, there will be improved care, safety, and efficiency in the aged care industry. This is only one way of showing that the government supports innovation in aged care.

Older Australians deserve superior care and high-quality services. With revolutionary programs and initiatives like innoveAGEING, progressive practitioners, and, hopefully, a government committed to providing assistance, they will certainly benefit from a stronger, consumer-centric, and high-performing aged care industry.