Partnering with residential aged care facilities

We understand the challenges and complexities of managing an aged care facility and the unique needs of residents and their families. Our model of care has been designed to enrich the lives of residents and to seamlessly partner with each facility to support them in their daily operations.

Our GPs
Our GPs are experts in aged care, have a thorough understanding of the unique needs of aged care facilities, and are passionate about making a difference in the lives of older people.

We will introduce a number of dedicated GPs to your facility. These GPs will work with you to determine the most suitable days and times to visit to ensure there is adequate time to spend with clinical and allied health staff, the residents and residents’ families.

Seamless partnership
We are here to assist you in any way we can and will spend time discussing what an ongoing partnership will look like and what you can expect from us. Our goal is to not only fit in with your daily schedule but to ultimately make life easier and more efficient for your staff.

Our GPs will work in partnership with aged care facilities and work closely with your multidisciplinary teams. They will carry out comprehensive medical assessments, contribute to care plans and case conferences, collaborate with pharmacists on medication management, and ensure comprehensive handovers take place. They will provide regular updates to facility staff and will take care of all the administrative work associated with the care they provide.

Partnering with Aged Care GP provides your facility and residents with the following:

  • GPs specialised in Aged Care

  • High quality holistic medical care

  • A regular and consistent service

  • High continuity of care

  • Regular communication

  • Nursing support

  • Advanced Care Planning

  • Palliative Care Specialist

  • Case Conferences to enhance Multidisciplinary Care

There are no costs for the aged care facility.

Commencing the partnership
If you’re interested in partnering with Aged Care GP please give Trish our Client Relationship Manager a call on 0439 004 027 or complete the form below and we’ll arrange a time to meet with you at your facility. This meeting will be an opportunity to provide further information about our model of care, answer any questions you have and discuss what a partnership between Aged Care GP and your facility will look like.

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